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Course Start date: 30 Jun 2022

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Main Roads WA Pre-Requisite (please submit 3 working days prior to class commencement)
Certificates of current accreditation (BWTM* and WTM)
Evidence of Statement of Attainments or USI transcript;
Valid Blue Card or White Card;
SWMS, JSEA or equivalent risk assessment that you have used on a worksite and signed;
Daily Diary;
List at least 3 worksites with full supervisor details for us to contact

Please submit Assessor evidence or provide or you can undertake a post course assignment.


This website provides for two methods of registration:


Select the ‘Group Enrolment’ Button below to register and insert the information as required for each participant/s. The company will be invoiced following registration.

Should you wish to pay immediately via PayPal/credit card for an individual enrolment please use the standard enrolment (not group). NOTE: to ensure the person who registers the participant receives notification insert an email address to receive enrolment notification.

To claim the CTF subsidy please use the field ‘Purchase Order’ and insert the word “CTF”. NOTE: you can also enter a PO number.


Select the individual course and date. Enter your details together with PayPal/card details for payment to book your place.


If the company you are working for contributes to the CTF and you ARE an eligible employee please read on.

Please use the discount code below at checkout and add 'Yes" to the CTF Field. Alternatively, please pay the full fees and lodge a claim via the CTF direct.


Should your claim through Kelyn Training Services be denied by the CTF or you are ineligible, you will be required to pay full fees. Alternatively, please pay the full fees and lodge a claim via the CTF direct.

NOTE: bookings are accepted on a first in, first served basis and can only be fully confirmed after full payment or purchase order has been received. Upon enrolment acceptance, all enrolments will be confirmed via a Training Confirmation email 1 week prior to your course.


Please use the ‘Group Enrolment’ Button below to register and insert the Purchase Order and information as required for each participant/s.

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Available seats: 15



Total price for participants: $420.00

Enrolment Fee: $420.00

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